In 2009 two copies of the “international” Empire Strikes Back OS poster featuring the unaltered Kastell artwork were sold for $1800+.  (Note the Boba Fett and Lando Calrissian characters in the lower right, which were omitted from the regular Empire poster. This artwork is also featured on the album - see inset). Whether these were “test proofs” or bootlegs has not been definitively determined. To my knowledge, no other one sheet copies of this poster have ever surfaced.

It is reported that 500 copies of this beautiful UK One Sheet were printed for the London premiere of “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.” This poster won IMP’s Best Poster of the Year in 2009.  According to reports, the director retained almost all copies and only a handful have reached collectors.

This mail-order poster for Back to the Future II is extremely rare and almost never appears for sale.  Very few were released to the public before the distributor (Wallen Green) apparently ceased business. 

These very cool optical illusion character UK one sheets for The Prestige arrived on the scene in 2006 and seemingly vanished without a trace.  I know of only one collector who has even one of them (the Bale version, lower left).

Originals of the Matrix international “lightning” one sheet are exceedingly rare.  In 2012 one sold for  $1,535 at auction. Unfortunately, Sonis reprinted this poster and many mistake the reprint for the original. See this link to learn how to distinguish the reprint.

One of the challenges of collecting movie posters is that “you can’t always get what you want.”  Generally speaking, the older the poster, the rarer it is.  For example, only one known copy of the Frankenstein US six sheet exists.  But even modern posters (1960 and after) can be extremely rare and difficult to impossible to find.  (Most of the posters listed here are not available for sale at any price, even from high-price dealers!)

This unreleased (or possibly international) one sheet for Planet Terror is not easy to find.  Planet Terror and Death Proof were combined into one movie and another poster was used for the final release.

The UK one sheets for Ferris Buellerare very rare and coveted both by poster collectors and Ferrari enthusiasts!

Frank Kozik’s 23x35 poster for the premiere of Dazed and Confused is very rare and highly sought-after. It is reported that 100 full size video posters (27x41) with the same image were also printed.  No collector has the video version to my knowledge.

This “wilding” poster (i.e. intended for various outdoor postings on buildings and fences, not for movie theaters) for 2001 is extraordinarily creative and extremely rare - good quality copies sell for $5,000+.

This advance “portrait” poster for Animal House is extremely rare. Most likely the studio printed very few of them because it did not know the movie would be a hit.  The cartoon regular poster (inset) is much more common. is a portal, reference, and showcase to the wonderful world of movie poster collecting!  Pursuant to the “fair use” provisions of United States copyright law, any images on this site subject to copyright protection are displayed solely for the non-profit purposes of education and promotion of movie poster collecting. Contact the site administrator at

Original release Australian one sheets for Mad Max are quite rare.  The first printing has a purple tone and the second printing of 100 posters has an orange tone.

Extremely rare international (or perhaps unreleased) one sheet for “The Sting.” It sells for a minimum of $2,500 when it pops up for auction.

Extremely rare Goldfinger quad Style B, used primarily in Ireland. (The golden body on Style A was too risque for those Irish!)

These “fight style” posters (left and right) for Rocky II are very uncommon and are far superior to the regular poster (middle).

Shaft’s Big Score advance: Presumably very few of these advance posters were printed because no one anticipated it would be a bit hit.

This Empire Strikes Back Australian one sheet is relatively rare and highly coveted by poster collectors both for its rarity and beautiful artwork.  The Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is another relatively rare Australian one sheet with unique artwork.

Relatively rare Style B for Man With The Golden Gun.  Bond collectors like this poster because it features the villains from the prior movies.

This risque Japanese B1 poster for Never Say Never Again is very uncommon. In fact, B1 Japanese posters are generally rare because Japanese collectors prefer the smaller B2 size, so the B1 posters are often thrown away.

The first advance poster for Jaws 2 is relatively uncommon.  According to reports, the studio feared that viewers of the posters thought it was advertising a re-release for the original Jaws, so it was replaced with a version with an “all new” tagline. (See inset lower right).

Many of the earlier Bond posters are very rare, including this quad poster for Dr. No.

Extremely rare advance one sheets for the original Planet of the Apes.

This is an extremely rare one sheet for the 1973 “R rating” re-release of Clockwork Orange.  It is unclear whether this one sheet was actually used in theaters. It may have been a “wilding poster” used in NY and LA.

Rare Japanese poster (B0 size) for Apocalypse Now.

Warner Brothers printed a grand total of SIX full size (25x40) lenticular one sheet posters for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban before deciding it was too expensive to produce any more.  One was sold for $3,800 in November 2011.

Advance set of posters for Gangs of New York, created and intended for in-house use only, for a Christmas 2001 release. However, the film was not released until Christmas 2002. The posters are exceptionally rare - less than 20 copies of each style were supposedly printed.

The international one sheet (left) for LA Confidential is quite rare.  The second international one sheet (right), apparently solely used in Canada, is extraordinarily rare.

Very rare version of Ladyhawke (below left) drawn by Drew Struzan. It is 27x40 and apparently distributed internationally, although there is another much more common international poster (US and international version shown below right).  



US (common):

Very rare and cool international one sheet for The Big Lebowski.

This very rare advance Woodstock “joint” one sheet sold in June 2013.  This is possibly the only copy to have surfaced.

The “kids on the car” advance one sheet for Woodstock is somewhat more common but still very rare: