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For various reasons, movie studios often create different versions of movie posters for the major English language countries such as the United States, Australia and UK and less often for Canada, Ireland, and South Africa.  The studios also typically issue “international one sheets” for general international distribution.  In many cases the non-US one sheets are more action-oriented or more risque to appeal to international audiences. 

Regardless of the reasons, non-US English language one sheets are often superior to the US one sheets and are highly-sought after by collectors.  Unfortunately, they tend to be much rarer and are often difficult or impossible to find (at any price). Below are some examples of various US and international posters to illustrate the differences and variety.

Big Lebowski (US 1S)

Big Lebowski (International 1S) (very rare)

Matrix (US 1S)

Matrix (UK or international 1S)

(very rare)

Matrix (“lightning” international 1S)

(extremely rare)

Raiders of the Lost Ark (US 1S)

Raiders of the Lost Ark (UK 1S) (uncommon)

Deliverance (US advance 1S) (rare)

Deliverance (US regular 1S)

Deliverance (international 1S)

(very rare)

Get Carter (US advance 1S)

Get Carter (US regular 1S)

Get Carter (international 1S)

(very rare)

Empire Strikes Back, The (US 1S)

Empire Strikes Back, The (US 1S Style B)

Empire Strikes Back, The (Australia 1S)


Bullitt (US 1S)

Bullitt (international 1S)

Pale Rider (US 1S)

Pale Rider (international 1S)

American Werewolf in London(international 1S) (very rare)

American Werewolf in London

(US 1S)

L.A. Confidential (US 1S)

L.A. Confidential (international 1S “risque” version 1, very rare )

L.A. Confidential (international 1S  version 2) (extremely rare, possibly only used in Canada)

Blade Runner (US 1S)

Blade Runner (Australia 1S)

Star Trek 2 (US 1S)

Star Trek 2 (UK 1S)

Superman 1 (US 1S)

Superman 1 (UK 1S)

Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

(UK 1S) (extremely rare)

Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

(US advance 1S)

Halloween (US 1S)

Halloween (Australian 1S)

Getaway, The (international 1S)

Getaway, The (US 1S)