Drew Struzan designed this poster for Who Framed Roger Rabbit but the studio did not use it.

Some unused concepts for Match Point.  (IMP has all the publicly-distributed posters here.)

Kilian produced a few test proof mylar posters in 1996 for the 30th anniversary of Star Trek.  Paramount disapproved the design. One collector obtained one and obtained signatures from many cast members.

Below are some prototype posters for Matrix posted by Agent Provocateur on the All Poster Forum.  Note the different poses of Trinity than in the final versions (see insets) and the changed tagline in the international version (right).

Saul Bass designed this poster for Schindler’s List but the studio opted not to use it.  It is reported that 200 were printed and distributed to studio insiders. Some of these have reached a few lucky collectors!

It’s unclear if this ring image was ever used for an official Lord of the Rings poster. Other official posters do incorporate the image as background.  It reportedly was printed for the Thailand market.  I’ve never seen it for sale and know of no collector who has one.

Some unused concept posters for Black Dynamite.

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James Goodridge’s unused concept art for Inglorious Basterds (Source:

Unused concept art for Moon. (Source: Quiet Earth)

Unused concept poster for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (left) and Diamonds Are Forever (right). (Source: The James Bond Poster Book)

Dan Goozee designed the below Star Wars poster in November 1977 for the studio.  It was never used as an official movie poster but was used in a print ad. (Source:

Some intriguing unused concept movie posters for E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (Picture source: Toyriffics/Ebay):

A very intriguing unused concept movie poster for Eyes Wide Shut. (Picture source:

Too bad this cute concept poster for Splash was never used.

Extremely rare or prototype international one sheet for Titanic. According to reports, it was not used because it gave away the climactic scene. (Picture source:

Below: A very early concept one sheet for Star Wars by Ralph McQuarrie.

Unused concept artwork for Supergirl below (final poster on right) (Source: San Diego Reader)

Alternative unused artwork for Drive Source: Empire Magazine

Reynold Brown’s unused concept art for Curucu, Beast of the Amazon (1956)

Frank McCarthy unused concept art for Thunderball (1965)

(Image courtesy of Graham Rye at

Robert McGinnis unused concept art for Splash.

Tom Chantrell unused concept art for Mistress of the Seas (never filmed).  See more unused Hammer art here.

Olly Moss’ unused concept art for The Iron Lady.

Bill Gold unused concept art for various movies.

More Bill Gold unused concept art for various movies.

Unused poster “mock ups” considered but not used for the official posters. (Source:

Early concept work for Star Wars.  The original movie trailer used the same theme: “Somewhere out there, it may be happening right now.

Flyer for a never-produced Hammer movie “Zeppelin v. Pterodactyls”

Left, right, and below are early concepts for Star Wars. (Source: The Star Wars Vault book)

As shown on, concept art for Dr. No:

From Heritage, concept art for Apocolypse Now:

From, concept art for One Millions Years BC (using a generic actress before Raquel Welch was hired).

From, unused concept art from And Justice For All and Midnight Express, all designed by Bob Gill.

Unused concept art by Saul Bass for Schindler’s List.  These were the last film posters he developed.  According to reports, 200 of the lower right design were printed and given to studio insiders.  These occasionally pop up for sale for $$$$.

Unused concept for Back to the Future.