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US 1968 Release Style A One Sheet

US 1979 re-release one sheet poster

Japanese poster

Very rare 29x42 commercial poster

Italian poster

Lobby cards

Polish poster

UK quad poster

Jane Fonda reportedly regretted taking the role of Barbarella.  But has there ever been a groovier kitten? And have there ever been groovier posters for a movie? Nah.

Publicity photos & stills

US 1968 Release Style B One Sheet Poster

US 1968 Release 40x60 poster

Japanese poster

Rare commercial poster 29x42

Left: Theme song from the movie.  This should autoplay in your  browser.  The default volume is 50% and can be adjusted with the controller.

US 1968 Release 24 sheet poster (104”x 232”)

Czech poster

Measures 23 1/2" x 31 1/2"