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The Thing (1982) US one sheet movie poster by Drew Struzan is very popular with collectors.  The studio and the National Screen Service printed several versions of the one sheet, as explained below, and some versions may be “dealer originals” printed specifically for and sold by dealers.


Studio “three line” version, folded on left, rolled on right.  Certain sellers on Ebay have “endless rolls” of the rolled “three line” version.  According to reports and sources, the studio printed these and sold these to dealers well after 1982.  It has been reported they are printed on acid-free paper unlike paper used in 1982.  (I own the “three line” rolled version. It is “minty white,” exactly 27x41 and the tiny GAU union logo in the bottom left is razor-sharp, so it appears to be printed with the original printing plates on acid-free paper.)

Studio “four line” version, folded on left, rolled on right. 

National Screen Service “four line” version. Folded copy shown below, rolled version reported to exist as well.

40”x60” rolled shown below.  (As with any other poster, you can always buy a 40x60 or 30x40, which are never bootlegged, to ensure you a getting a “true” original. Of course those tend to be more expensive than one sheets.)

Zoom picture of bottom right of folded NSS one sheet.  Note crop marks and “The Thing” at bottom right.

Zoom picture of bottom of studio version: