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According to reports, the studio withdrew or recalled or never distributed the “international” one sheet for “The Fugitive” because the headline states “Wanted for Murder Harrison Ford” and Harrison Ford (understandably) objected.  (The tagline should have used “Richard Kimble,” his character’s name.)  According to reports, 99% of these were destroyed.

20 years later a number of these international sheets are being sold. I purchased a single-sided “original” from MoviePosterKings (Ebay).  I had previously ordered a number of posters from them and all appeared to be originals.  This copy (pictured above) generally presents very well and is certainly a very “cool” poster.

However, I have significant concerns that it is a reprint.  It is 27”(h) x 40 3/16” (v), slightly odd-sized (although reprints typically are shorter than 40”).  Much more problematic is that all the text is slightly “fuzzy,” although not blatantly fuzzy, as I’ve seen on other reprints.  The black ink is slightly smudged in several places and there are a few printing defects - small spots - in a few places.  Another “red flag” is that two notorious fake sellers (tloceposters and bradburied) and MovieGoods (which primarily sells reprints), are selling copies of this.  Given these facts, overall I suspect is not an original, so I recommend that collectors be very wary of it.

Note smudged printing:

Note small printing defects/spots in a few places:

The usual notorious “Hall of Shame” sellers offer this poster (and appear to have unlimited supplies):

Note text is slightly fuzzy and granulated (compared to text from magazine cutout on top):