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The posters for Superman The Movie (1978) featured Bob Peak’s sublime artwork.  Although there are no specific high-quality bootlegs of these posters floating around, collectors should be aware of the differences between the various versions, including the 2002 re-release, which looks very similar to the 1978 first release.

US 1978 one sheet - NSS version

27” (H) x 41” (V)

(note NSS paragraph at bottom center; usually folded)

US 1978 one sheet - studio version

27” (H) x 41” (V)

(usually folded)

International 1978 one sheet

27” (H) x 41” (V)

(note Superman is spelled out at center; no “PG” rating; usually folded)

2002 re-release one sheet

27” (H) x 40” (V) - shorter than 41”

(note lack of any identifying information in white bottom border area; usually rolled; the bottom line of text is not present on the other versions;  see red arrow)

Bonus! Below are images of Bob Peak’s wonderful concept art for Superman (from

Rare 1978 US “full bleed” one sheet

27” (H) x 40.5” (V)

(no NSS info; slightly shorter vertically)