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Original Star Wars Triple Bill

(Continental Theater)

(picture from Star Wars Poster book)


Fake Star Wars Triple Bill

(Pitt Carnegie Theater)

(offered for auction and withdrawn by EMP)


Presumed legitimate poster from the Avco showing being sold in June 2012, with detailed screenshots of poster below:

Bootleg being sold by notorious bootleg seller rokmodataol (who at least discloses it may be a bootleg here):

Probably the rarest and most valuable Star Wars posters are the “triple bill” posters.  As explained on the website, only 18 of these posters were ever printed:

On November 17-18, 1984 in Canada (for a United Way Benefit) and on March 28, 1985, in the United States, there was one complete, uncut showing of the Star Wars trilogy at nine participating theaters. These nine theaters were each given two personalized posters for the promotion of this event, creating the rarest and quite possibly the most valuable one-sheet ever produced for the Star Wars Trilogy. These black and white, "photographically enlarged" one-sheets, were created from the original local newspaper advertisements, with a few minor changes, and each one measures approximately 27" x 41", while the Canadian version is slightly larger. These heavy stock posters have an embossed, textured feel to them, and they contain the three movie logos, along with the theatre's name, box office information, and any sound system logo (eg. THX) that applied to that individual theatre. The American versions of this poster contain text at the top that proclaims - "For the first time in America, the Star Wars Trilogy", while the Canadian version says, "Special Showing, One Performance Only."

The nine theaters were:

GCC Avco Center - Westwood, California

UA Continental Theater - Denver, Colorado

UA Egyptian Theater - Hollywood, California

UA Galaxy Theater - San Francisco, California

GCC North Park West Cinema - Dallas, Texas

PLITT Carnegie Theater - Chicago, Illinois

UA 150 - Seattle, Washington

UPTOWN Theater - Toronto, Canada

RKO Warner Theater #1 - New York, New York

Unfortunately, someone printed a fake of the Plitt Carnegie poster and it is far more common than the originals.  Fortunately, this bootleg is easily distinguishable because it has two lines of text at the top while the original has two.