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The easiest way to distinguish the original regular one sheet from the bootleg one sheet is to check for the presence of small hash marks in the corners:

The bootleg is excellent but lacks the hash marks. Below are pictures of the bootleg.  My copy of the bootleg measures 27x41:

The hashmarks are absent in the corners of the bootleg (shown below).

The NSS paragraph and union logo are very clear and sharp on the bootleg:

The text and lines are quite sharp on this section of the bootleg as well:

My copy of the bootleg has a minor printing defect.  The black print in the upper left corner in one area extends into the white.

The Scarface one sheet is extremely striking. Unfortunately, someone likely obtained the original printing plate and produced many “bootleg” copies of the regular one sheet.  There are no known bootlegs of the advance one sheet (shown below left).