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The Matrix international one sheet posters are extremely rare.  There are two international one sheets, the “faces” version described below, and the “lightning” version described in another authentication on this website

The original English language “faces” one sheet is single-sided, appears to have been used exclusively in UK, and is 26 15/16” (H) x 39 15/16” (V).  Note the names of the actors are well above the hair of the actors.

The same image was used for the double-sided Swedish one sheet. Note that the names of the actors are well above the hair of the actors.

Avoid the 38.5” single-sided commercial poster, which is easily distinguishable both by its height and because the actors’ names are in the hair of the actors.

Below is a screenshot showing the 38.5” single-sided commercial poster for sale:

Do not buy the fake version being sold by Tom Loce (tloceposters), a notorious fake seller.The poster being sold below is almost certainly a “Kinko’s special” reprint with fuzzy text or, at best, a commercial poster. (Note that the actors’ names go into the hair.)

The UK quad “faces” poster is much easier to find than the one sheet version (and arguably is superior in any event):