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In 2003 Focus films released two posters for Lost In Translation, one of Bill Murray on a bed and one featuring Scarlet Johannson.  The Scarlett poster has been very popular with collectors since its release.  Although according to reports both versions were printed in equal numbers, the Scarlett poster seems much rarer and only infrequently pops up for sale.   A linen-backed copy sold for $186 in 2006 on Emovie.  In the last 15 months (as of July 2010) I've seen two DS Scarletts pop up for sale - one sold for $255 on Emovie and one sold for $115 on Ebay.  I own original single-sided versions of both posters and a reproduction of the Scarlett poster. 

Reproductions of the Scarlett poster are quite common.  Here are some differences I spotted.  First, size. The original is exactly 27x40 and the reprint is 27x 39 13/16.  Second, the reprint looks greenish compared to the natural brown tones of the original:

Second, the reprint is cropped:

I also have the one sheet from Spain for this poster.  It measures 26 3/4” x 38”.  It has the exact same artwork as the American OS.