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The Help! US one sheet is one of the most popular music movie posters.  Collectors should watch out for a very good reproduction (possibly printed in the 1970s).  Fortunately, the reproduction has several distinguishing features, including the following:

  1. (1)The reproduction is printed on glossy paper.

  2. (2)The reproduction is missing the phrase “in Color!” in the lower middle (below “THE BEATLES”)

  3. (3)The reproduction is missing “FE3283” in the left-middle bottom border.

  4. (4)The reproduction is missing the NSS number “65/293” in the lower right.

  5. (5)The reproduction is missing the crop marks in the corners.

  6. (6)The reproduction has different colors in various sections of the poster.

Original Help! One Sheet Movie Poster

Help reproduction poster

(image from

Bottom border of original Help! One Sheet Movie Poster

(note “FE 3283” in lower-middle left and NSS number “65/293” in lower right)

Bottom border of reproduction Help! One Sheet Movie Poster

(Note missing “FE3283” and “65/293”)