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The original one sheet poster for Godzilla is very striking and in high demand by movie poster collectors.  It typically sells for $1500+. 

Unfortunately, a 26.25” x 39.5” high-quality licensed reprint is often mistaken for the original. The union logo is perfect and all the information and markings at the bottom of the reprint match the original, so sellers (usually unintentionally) often sell it as a “trimmed” original.

Fortunately, it is easy to distinguish:

- It is substantially smaller than the original.

- It is rolled.  (There are no rolled originals of this poster.)

  1. -The red block on the bottom of the original is divided into two sections but not on the reprint.

Pictured below are the original (left) and reprint (right, image from

Screenshot of sale of reprint on Ebay. The bidders mistook it for a trimmed original.

Closeup of dividing section on original (see arrow above left):