The one sheet for Blade Runner, drawn by John Alvin, is extremely popular and commands big $$$ when sold.  Not surprisingly, it is suspected that many reprints of this one sheet are floating around and collectors should be extremely cautious when buying one, ESPECIALLY a rolled copy.  All originals should be 27x41.  According to LAMP, three versions of the United States one sheet have been found.  The differences are illustrated below and are discussed in this thread on  As noted in the thread, it is possible the studio continued to print these posters throughout the 80s as video posters that are indistinguishable from posters issued to theaters.

Version 1 is the “Regular National Screen Service (NSS) Version”:

Version 2 is the “Studio Version.”  It is possible that some rolled copies of this version are reprints/bootlegs.  The paper from one has been tested and it appears to come from Japan and to have been printed after the mid-80s.  In any event be very cautious when buying this version.

Version 3 is the “Odd NSS Version.”  Although the NSS tag in the bottom center has “fuzzy” printing, it is believed these are legit. is a portal, reference, and showcase to the wonderful world of movie poster collecting!  Pursuant to the “fair use” provisions of United States copyright law, any images on this site subject to copyright protection are displayed solely for the non-profit purposes of education and promotion of movie poster collecting. Contact the site administrator at