Fortunately, before the prices exploded, thanks to a tip from a member of All Poster Forum, I purchased a full set of double-sided originals from a reliable seller in Ireland for $200. I am confident mine are originals because they are double-sided (relatively few fakes are double-sides), they have sharp text, the paper quality is excellent, the seller had a limited supply (and quickly sold out his stock).

Not surprisingly, various shady dealers have been selling digital reproductions of these posters that they label as “originals.”  In August 2011 Tloceposters (Thomas Loce) sold me a single-sided fake digital reproduction that I have compared to my original in this authentication.

A comparison with an original was not necessary. Any dealer or collector would instantly recognize that Loce’s copy is a fake because the small text and copyright logo are extremely fuzzy.

Comparing it to my DS original proved beyond any doubt that it is a cheap digital reproduction.  Loce’s fake is slightly cropped at the top and slightly short horizontally.  The moon shape at the top right has been distorted and is much larger on the fake repro.  The repro’s colors are brighter/lighter and more orange.  My original’s colors (especially the red and black) are darker and richer.

Lesson: Do not buy from fake sellers like tloceposters and buy double-sided when possible.

Below is the Ebay posting/sale by tloceposters falsely advertising the poster as an “orig” i.e. original and pictures demonstrating the differences:

In 2010 independent design company La Boca created four amazing designs and printed limited edition posters for 20th Century Fox’s film, Black Swan. An official at La Boca confirmed that it printed the following:

- Approximately 1000 single-sided one sheets were printed on high quality heavy-stock paper.  These were given away as prizes or as promotional items.  Many of these copies are signed. NOTE THAT THESE “HEAVY STOCK” POSTERS WERE THE ONLY ORIGINAL SINGLE-SIDED ONE SHEETS PRINTED. ALL “THIN PAPER” SINGLE-SIDED ONE SHEETS ARE FAKES.

  1. -Several thousand double-sided one sheets were printed and distributed to international theaters.

  1. -Three of the designs were printed as quads and distributed to theaters in Ireland/UK.

These posters immediately were a hit with collectors.  The more common quads - which are arguably superior - can still be found on UK Ebay for sane prices (as of September 2011).  Original one sheets are very difficult to find at any price.  Incredibly, Heritage sold a full set of the one sheets for $1,553 in July 2011, just months after they come out! is a portal, reference, and showcase to the wonderful world of movie poster collecting!  Pursuant to the “fair use” provisions of United States copyright law, any images on this site subject to copyright protection are displayed solely for the non-profit purposes of education and promotion of movie poster collecting. Contact the site administrator at