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The Animal House Style B one sheet is a very popular poster. Folded, theater-used Style B originals are relatively common, presumably because the movie was very popular and the studios distributed many of these one sheets during its theatrical run. A folded original (27 x 40 7/8”) is shown above.  Originals are almost always folded and printed on standard thin, acidic movie poster paper.  Since these were printed 35 years ago, you should see “acid tanning” on originals.

Unfortunately for collectors this poster apparently was printed for commercial sale. This commercial poster is quite unusual because it is printed full-size (27” x 40 7/8”). Most commercial posters are printed in smaller sizes such as 24”x”36.” Fortunately these commercial posters are distinguishable from originals because they are rolled and printed on heavier/rougher “minty white” paper.   Below is a picture of an original (right) and the commercial poster (left) that I purchased from a general poster store in Baltimore Maryland in 2010 for $10.

This commercial poster features EXCELLENT quality printing and very likely was printed from the original printing plates.  It is primarily distinguishable from originals because it is printed on heavy “minty white” paper.  Any collector who has handled many original posters should recognize that it is not printed on standard movie poster paper.  The original has distinct acid tanning.

Also, the coloring of the art on commercial poster is “yellower” in tone and noticeably fainter than the original. It also lacks some fine detail, like the “air trail” flowing behind the falling tire in the upper left.  It is prominent on originals.  The below pictures show the difference:

In sum, you are well-advised to buy a theater-used, folded copy of this poster. If you do want a rolled copy, be sure to consult an expert collector or dealer and, of course, check for indicia of the commercial poster, e.g. the missing “air trails” and paper type.

This authentication is also discussed in the below thread on,5520.0.html

The “air trail” of the bird on the right side of the poster is also less prominent on the reprint: