Overview: Best designed movie poster auction website, sells approximately 500 posters weekly every Sunday night (ending 8pm US Eastern time, then live bidding session until all lots are sold), usually US posters, and conducts high-end “signature auctions” three times a year. 

Prices: Very generally, final auction prices on Heritage end up somewhat higher than Ebay.  You can use (partly owned by Heritage) to snipe the regular Sunday night auctions.

Signature auctions: Three times a year Heritage holds “signature” auctions.  If you want to buy a top-level poster (ex. Forbidden Planet) at auction, those auctions are often your best opportunity.

Selection:  Variety is somewhat limited.  Heritage mostly sells US posters, typically US one sheets.

Site design:  Top notch and offers 300,000+ extra-large, un-watermarked images of movie posters.

Buyers commission:  Heritage charges a 19% buyers premium (minimum $19), which is not loved by movie poster collectors, although the premium is disclosed and calculated when you place a bid.

Consigning: Heritage accepts consignments of movie posters and charges sellers a variable commission rate, depending on final sale price and type of auction (regular or “signature”).  Commission rates are negotiable.

Overview: holds 3,000 auctions most weeks for posters, lobby cards, etc. every week on Tuesday nights, Thursday nights, and Sunday afternoons. The Auction History Archive (over 1,300,000 verified results) is very useful to determine fair market value. The owner, Bruce Hershenson, has been active in the hobby for many years and is a regular contributor on Facebook. The site posts its all-time best sellers here.

Selection: eMoviePoster arguably sells the best variety of movie posters among the independent auction houses and frequently sells international posters. Each auction is devoted to a particular kind of poster, e.g. rolled one sheets, oversized posters, etc. Five times a year it features “major” auctions of higher profile movie posters.

Price: eMoviePoster does not charge any buyers premiums. Final auction prices on eMoviePoster generally end up somewhat to significantly higher than Ebay, possibly because certain collectors only bid on eMoviePoster. Every auction has “5 minute extended bidding” which extends the closing time five minutes after each new high bid, so you’ll occasionally see “bidding wars” that go on after the original scheduled ending time.

Site design: The site emphasizes function over form. It is easy to participate in the auctions, especially because they have "Search Filters" and "Sorts" and they allow bidders to create unlimited "Want Lists" to be notified via e-mail when items of interest are at auction.

Consigning:  eMoviePoster accepts consignments of movie posters and charges sellers a variable commission rate  depending on final sale price.  It does not charge buyers commissions and their overall commissions are probably lower than any other major auction.



There are 187,000 original posters listed on US Ebay (as of June 2017) plus hundreds of thousands more on international Ebay sites. As a very general rule, you can get the best prices on Ebay because there are so many listings and some posters “slip through the cracks” and sell for below market value. 

Unfortunately, the quality and reliability of Ebay sellers varies.  98% of the time the sellers are selling in good faith but about 2% are scamsters selling bootlegs/fakes/reprints as originals, using misleading pictures, etc.  Another HUGE problem is that many Ebay sellers try to be cheap and send posters in thin tubes that are destroyed in transit.  Be sure to insist that the seller follow the shipping guidelines shown in the Shipping Poster section of this website. 

Finally, most posters are listed as “Buy It Now” but most “Buy It Nows” are over-priced and you can get a much better deal in auctions.  Below are links to the US and non-US poster sections of Ebay.


US Ebay movie poster links:

All U.S. Originals - Buy It Nows

All U.S. Originals - Auctions only

Pre-1940 US originals (Auctions)           1970-79 US originals (Auctions)

1940-49 US originals (Auctions)            1980-1989 originals (Auctions)

1950-59 US originals (Auctions)            1990-1999 originals (Auctions)

1960-69 US originals (Auctions)            2000-present originals (Auctions)

                                                               Current Releases (Auctions)  

US Ebay International Listings - Auction

US Ebay International Listings - Buy It Nows


International Ebay auctions links:

Australia Ebay posters (located in Australian only)

Canada Ebay posters (located in Canada only)

France Ebay posters (located in France only)

Germany Ebay posters (located in Germany only)

Italy Ebay posters (located in Italy only)

UK Ebay posters (located in UK only)





Overview: Owner Rich Halegua runs periodic auctions of movie posters and lobby cards.

Prices: Very generally, final auction prices are similar to final auction prices on Ebay, so often you’ll find the best deals there among the independent auction houses.

Selection:  Typically sells US posters and many weekly auctions are devoted to lobby cards.

Consigning: accepts consignments of posters and charges a flat 25% commission.

Site design: Is dated and could use an update.  Also, you cannot link directly to/from the super-sized images of posters.






MoviePosterExchange opened for business in 2012 and is the “new kid on the block.” 

Auctions: MoviePosterExchange runs periodic auctions (usually ending Sunday nights) and is accepting consignments of posters for a 10-20% commission.

Fixed Price Items: The site also features a unique “buy it now” process for fixed price items.  Any seller can list any poster for sale for free on the site for any price and can accept best offers.  When a sale is finalized, the seller sends in the poster to MPE, MPE inspects the poster and ensures it is authentic, and MPE forwards the poster to the buyer.  MPE charges a flat 10% commission to sellers and does not charge a buyer’s premium. This “middleman inspector” system is beneficial because it ensures assured that the poster is authentic and the seller has accurately described the condition of the poster.  However, it increases the total transaction costs because the seller must pay to ship the poster to MPE and the buyer must pay for shipping from MPE.  (On Ebay,  the seller ships directly to the buyer.) Also, the identities of the parties are kept anonymous, which prevents the parties from directly conducting business in the future.

Site design:  Very modern design but can be slow, especially when you view larger numbers of posters.

The movie poster hobby is fortunate to have several auction websites other than eBay.  Below are the most prominent:


Smaller auctioneers run occasional movie poster auctions or list a few movie posters in certain auctions.  It’s hard to find those auctions but aggregates many smaller auctions.  Go to, type in your zip code, and search for “movie posters.”  Normally, several auctions with movie posters will be listed.  You can bid on the Internet for any auction listed as “live lots.”  Below is a screenshot from a search in April 2013. also lists more obscure auctions for movie posters.

Generally, dealers sell posters for substantially more than typical auction prices. However, they generally offer excellent and reliable service and allow collectors the opportunity to buy a poster immediately rather than spending time searching and monitoring auctions.

MOPO ( maintains a comprehensive list of movie poster dealers here.  You should also consult the “Dealer Experiences” subforum on is a portal, reference, and showcase to the wonderful world of movie poster collecting!  Pursuant to the “fair use” provisions of United States copyright law, any images on this site subject to copyright protection are displayed solely for the non-profit purposes of education and promotion of movie poster collecting. Contact the site administrator at

SNIPING SERVICES: Generally, it is almost always advantageous to place a bid just prior to end of a timed auction, so many collectors use a sniping service such as

WATCH COUNTS:  The “most watched” items on Ebay tend to be the “best” items.  Check Collectors Weekly and/or to see how many “watchers” an auction has.  The number of watchers usually is directly proportional to the number of likely bids, especially last-minute snipe bids.  If a listing has many watchers, it will likely end at fair market value (or more), so bid accordingly.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE TRANSLATION: Be sure to use the Google Chrome browser when checking out the non-English websites because Chrome can automatically translate to English.  Also, you can use Google Translator to send messages to non-English speakers.

ADVANCED/BOOLEAN LANGUAGE SEARCHES:  This Ebay page explains how to use advanced search to narrow your search to specific sellers, locations, price ranges, and more. You can also use it to find completed listings, eBay Stores, or other members. Once you've found a search you like, you can save it to use again.